Character Name


Someone's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf... find out more about this scaredy Rabbit.
Question: Which three words best describe you?
Answer: Literate, fluffy, unobservant.
Question: What is your greatest fear?
Answer: Doh! Wolves of course!
Question: What is your favourite snack?
Answer: A delicious crunchy carrot fresh from the vegetable patch.
Question: What is your favourite colour?
Answer: Orange. Just like a carrot.
Question: How do you relax?
Answer: I like to walk and read.
Question: What would your super-power be?
Answer: Invisibility. Then I could hide from the wolf
Question: What’s your most treasured  possession?
Answer: My library card. I use it every week.
Question: Are you an early bird, or a night owl?
Answer: I’m an early bird. I like to get up at dawn when the dew is still wet on the grass.